Friday, June 19, 2009

Am enjoying the world of Charlie Chaplin as told by Glen David Gold in Sunnyside.

Particularly interesting are the references to the Athletic Club, Mr. Chaplin's home early on in Hollywood. His Athletic Club bears quite a resemblance to my Athletic Club. They have reciprocal membership and the buildings date from the same era.

Athletic Clubs:

Los Angeles and Milwaukee.

The vintage photographs have you wondering if you're in California or in Wisconsin.

But maybe the bowling gives it away that you're in Milwaukee. The above ballroom is Los Angeles though and how similar it is to Milwaukee's.

I have a little bit of a hard time accepting that Milwaukee has such a pervasive rube reputation. But then I can be reminded (quite harshly I might add) as I click through the blogosphere.

Just tonight I come across this preoccupation with crap places featuring Milwaukee and that was about a half-hour after this little slap in the face. Go ahead: punch "Milwaukee" into the search box and you'll get these two (brewski-referenced) heartaches:


I want you in my life so bad, I’d move back to Milwaukee. And I hate Milwaukee.


It’s been four years, and merely seeing the word “Milwaukee” leaves me feeling bruised.

Does everybody deplore Milwaukee?

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