Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gesu bambino

When blossoms flower e'er 'mid the snows,
Upon a winter night,
Was born the child, the christmas rose,
The king of love and light.
The angels sang, the shepherds sang,
The grateful earth rejoiced;
And at his blessed birth the stars
Their exultation voiced.

My best pal these days at 3:00 am is Pandora.

Pandora will play with me when everybody else is asleep. Let's see what "Erik Satie" will get me. How about "Red Garland"? Tonight the spin was "Roches (Holiday)" based on a "Here's What I'm Listening To" rec from a recently confirmed friend on Facebook.

Roches (Holiday) will get you a lot of flamboyant choir music: Cambridge Singers, Vienna Boys, Morman Tabernacle. Pedal to the metal organ chords. Add to that, quavering and angelic soloists.

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