Thursday, November 12, 2009

She is a brown skinned Negro, the only Negro in La Farge.

When I'm kicking back, I'm doing it in the Kickapoo Valley. When googling, I'm often checking out some aspect of Vernon County. It's where I am when I'm not manning the front desk for the graveyard shift.

Day before yesterday, Ron Johnson, a neighbor on Kettle Road and a jeweler stopped by with a report and a map for the Planning Commission for Whitestown.

I didn't get a chance to tell him how much my daughter liked his earrings. She'd received them as a guest gift at a wedding she'd attended one ridge over this past summer. Her favorite earrings. Silver vertical rectangles with a dandelion design. Ron was jogging back up the hill with his dog trotting alongside at the moment I wanted to comment on his lovely designs.

When googling to figure out a way to complete the compliment, I found out that he'll be showing his wares at the Small Town Christmas Celebration in LaFarge but what was far more distractingly curious was this archived article about "Small Town La Farge". Check it out.

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  1. Very interesting blog you have here! I grew up in the Vernon/Monroe county area, I most recently lived in Wilton before moving to Milwaukee. My parent's still live on the "farm", 10 acres of gardening green space with the occasional chicken, and there is nowhere else I'd rather spend my free time either!

    (My town of Wilton has a great jeweler too: Alvis Strazdins of Strazdins Jewelery Studio!)